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Elitegroup to expand Australia market with JEA partner

        [Taiwan-Taipei]Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the global leading manufacturer and solution provider on motherboards, mini PCs, Notebooks, mobile devices, smart computing vision and voice activated devices on artificial intelligence, and automotive electronics for IoT, IoV, Industry 4.0, smart city, smart education, and smart home, today announced to corporate with JEA on promoting LIVA Mini System in Australia market.

       JEA Technologies Pty Ltd., a professional distributor of electronic peripherals in Australia and New Zealand, integrated LIVA Mini System into various local projects in government, manufacturing, medical, retail, hospitality, telecomm, transportation and more. LIVA Mini System provides five series of mini PCs including Q series with pocket-size design, Z series with energy-saving design, X series with cost-efficient design, M series with AI computing vision design and One series with professional upgradeable design for different applications. With unique features, LIVA ZE and LIVA One H310 support com port and 2.5” HDD at the same time to fulfill the requirements on special projects.

      With experienced manufacturing, ECS is committed to providing high-performance, reliable, and stable products and long-standing partnership. By cooperating with JEA, we believe this will bring mutual benefit for both parties and help penetrate Australia and New Zealand market and expand further in the future.

About ECS
ECS, Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987. In recent years, ECS's main focus has expanded from motherboards to All-in-One PCs, notebook computers, Mini PC and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to developing cutting-edge technology in order to create innovative products under environmentally friendly designs. ECS's comprehensive quality control system ensures all of ECS products can be counted on for stability and reliability. Visit to learn more.

About JEA
JEA Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 2003 as a specialist distributor of electronic peripherals covering Australia and New Zealand. We focus on industrial, professional and commercial applications.  JEA has partnered with leading global manufacturers to bring their products to Australia and New Zealand, and we provide in depth technical, commercial and logistics support to our customers on these products. Visit to learn more.

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