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IC43T-A (V1.0/V1.1)
Socket new LGA775 for Intel Core™2 Extreme Processor
    IC43T-A is ECS 2009 Mainstream product for i-Cafe, with attractive spec and impressive performance!
    Features Intel P43 and ICH10 chipsets, by supporting FSB1333 and DDR2 800, providing great performance. IC43T-A accentuates high quality CPU power design with ferrite core chokes. Moreover, IC43T-A provides ultimate graphics performance with PCI-E Gen2.0 x16 interface, upgrades your visual experience. IC43T-A is the best chioce for your computing experience.

eJIFFY Rapid Access Utility

Rapid accesses to OS within 8 seconds and enjoy web browsing, photo reviewing, on-line chat and etc.