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A785GM-AD3 (V1.0)
    Socket new AM3 for AMD Phenom™ II Processor. And it supports Dual-Channel DDR3 memory architecture
    The latest ECS Black Series A785GM-AD3 motherboard is based on the best combination of the new AMD 785G and SB710 chipset plus support for the latest Phenom™ II processor (Socket AM3) and support processors up to HT 5200 MT/s with Hyper Transport™ 3.0 technology links and it integrated DDR3 1600 * memory controller on the latest AM3 platform. It features convenient Multimedia DVI+VGA display output interfaces and combined with ECS M.I.B.II and eJIFFY special function. A785GM-AD3 is the best choice for gaming and media experience. *(Whether 1600 MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used.)

精英15u三倍金技術 - 提供額外三倍防護

提供主機板額外三倍的防護: 防氧化、抗高低溫及防刮傷;能確保主機板的使用壽命、耐用性及絕佳接觸性

Support for ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology

Up to 1.75X additional performance enhanced by enabling the power of both IGP and the add-on graphics card simultaneously.).


可透過內建顯示晶片,不需額外占用處理器效能即能流暢地播放H.264, VC-1, and MPEG-2 等格式影片。

內建eJIFFY 8秒快速開機軟體


ECS eBLU BIOS 線上更新軟體

ECS eBLU - 自行研發的線上BIOS更新軟體,可節省您在線上找尋最新最正確BIOS的時間以及省卻不必要的麻煩; 以人性化的設計取代傳統複雜的更新步驟,ECS eBLU貼心設計已讓更新BIOS變成為件最簡單不過的事。
‧省時; ‧免學易用; ‧安全可靠; ‧免費且不定時更新
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第二代智能超頻BIOS (M.I.B II)

M.B.I II 整合所有超頻功能在一個頁面內,提供最智慧化、方便的方式,來調整CPU及記憶體的時脈/電壓設定,以取得額外的效能。