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Z87H3-A2X EXTREME (V1.0)
  • ECS 獨家第4代散熱技術--Qooltech™ V 能有效強化散熱功效達 20% 以上
  • 2-WAY SLI,3-WAY CFX 多顯卡運算技術
  • 12 相供電設計
  • 採用全固態電容設計,可達到最佳的元件穩定度
  • 支援Durathon逆襲技術,確保主機板的長效穩定性及可靠性,讓系統發揮完美表現。
  • ESD全方位防靜電i設計能能防止主機板受到靜電損害,以提升電腦的耐用性和使用壽命
  • ECS 三倍金確保主機板擁有最長的使用壽命、更好的穩定度和絕佳的防接點氧化能力
  • 支援 EZ BIOS,能在多國語言環境的圖形化介面上進行BIOS作業
  • ECS MIB X – 超頻遊戲玩家的人性化介面設計
  • 支援 Bluetooth,使電子裝置能以無線方式通訊
  • 支援無線網卡,使電子裝置能以無線方式通訊
  • 雙千兆網卡支援彈性的網路解決方案
  • 支援VRD 12.5電壓調節規範
  • 支援 DirectX® 11.1 來提升圖形顯示效能
  • ECS易智套件包含:eBLU(BIOS在線更新)、eDLU(驅動程在線更新)、eOC(易智超頻工具)、eSF(易智風扇控制工具)

Sound Blaster Cinema Technology (聲霸卡劇院音效技術)

運用Sound Blaster 影院技術,您可得到宛如身在戲院般的音效品質。
-SBX Surround
-SBX Crystalizer
-SBX Bass
-SBX Dialog Plus
-SBX Smart Volume
請造訪 這裡以進一步了解Sound Blaster Cinema 技術。

MAGIX MX SUITE - Cover all of your multimedia needs

MAGIX MX SUITE is exclusively provided to ECS users to enhance your multimedia experience, and for FREE! From website creation, video and music editing, to photo management, all of your multimedia needs will be easily fulfilled by using four MAGIX MX SUITE products provided by ECS. Learn more about MAGIX MX SUITE

Ultimate Cooling Solution - QOOLTECH V

ECS’S exclusive QOOLTECH V technology is the choice of winning gamers.

Thermochromic technology allows the heatsink to visually show various surface temperature levels allowing users to quickly distinguish between normal and abnormal temperatures and when a motherboard is safe to touch and handle.
2.Active Fansink
ECS’s exclusive optimized active fansink design greatly increases hot air exhaustion as well as overall airflow over the super heated chipset.
3.U-Shaped Heatpipe
ECS’s U-Shape heatpipe design and Direct heatpipes increases dissipation by a substantial 20% over the competition and simultaneoulsy cools both the chipset and MOSFET.

Supports teaming function with failover and load balancing

The dual Gigabit LAN with Teaming allows 2 single connections to act as 1 single connection for double bandwidth. In addition, it prevents network downtime by transferring the workload from a failed port to a working port and balances the network traffic load evenly between 2 CPU cores in order to improve performance.

Failover : Provides continuous services when one network port fails.

Load Balancing : Aggregate bandwidth to boost the file tranfer speed. Data traffic is evenly distributed to balance networking loading.



1) 低溫電感 (Ice choke)
1.相較於傳統的導磁電感,即使在系統在最高負載下運作,壽命仍提升 1.5 倍,動作溫度範圍增加 50 度,同時,產生的熱量更減少了 13% 。
2) Dual Cooling MOS
採 ECS 獨創的Dual Cooling MOSFETS設計,不僅大幅降低發熱的現象,同時還帶來 90% 高效率電源轉換、低阻抗、低電磁干擾等優點。
3)Gold Caps
Golden Solid Caps Offer up to 6X longer lifespan than standard electrolytic capacitors. They also offer better heat resistance with up to 200K hours (22 Years) of operation under 65˚C.


採 ECS 獨創的Dual Cooling MOSFETS設計,不僅大幅降低發熱的現象,同時還帶來 90% 高效率電源轉換、低阻抗、低電磁干擾等優點。


Intel Core HD Graphics 內顯搭配 4k 顯示,繪圖效能大幅提升 2.6 倍,帶來至高的電玩體驗。

獨家M.I.B X 智能超頻,讓突破超頻極限成為可能

ECS O.C Profile配置文件,可以保存3組超頻設置參數。超頻愛好者能通過這個簡單、快捷和安全的方式,恢復最後一次成功的超頻配置。