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General FAQ

Why I use SATA HDD with Raid mode, but Windows XP could not find the HDD during the installation?

If you use SATA HDD in Raid mode (non IDE mode) when you are installation Windows XP OS, you have to copy driver disk to 1.44M FDD from Driver CD.

If your M/B is SiS Chipset South Bridge is SIS96x, please copy it from \RAID\SiS\FloppyImage\96x
If your M/B is VIA chipset, please copy the driver from \Raid\VIA\Driverdisk
If your M/B South Bridge is ATI chipset, please copy the driver from \RAID\ATI\FloppyImage
If your M/B South Bridge is ULi chipset, please copy the driver from \RAID\ULi\M5287

Please do as below steps,
1. Please boot from Windows XP OS CD. When you see the first installation (blue) screen, please press F6 to install Raid driver by FDD later.
2. Installation screen will appear one Windows Setup screen to let you specify additional device driver. Please press "S" and put the driver disk into FDD -> Enter.
3. Choose the right RAID Controller (Windows XP) -> Enter -> Enter.
4. The Windows XP will copy the SATA RAID Driver before enter Windows XP HDD Partition screen.
5. Please follow the regular Windows XP installation procedure to install OS.