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General FAQ

Mass volume authorized Windows OS can 't be activated normally.

If you are using a mass volume license authorized Windows Vista/7 OS version and found it can not be activated by KMS(Key Management Service) as a genuine Windows OS, please follow below step to check if it is BIOS SLIC table related.If it is, please update BIOS to latest and verify again.

1. Run Microsoft MGADiag tool. To obtain the MGADiag tool, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
2. The MGADiag tool detects and reports BIOS information. However, the BIOS information for the ACPI_SLIC table does not appear in the graphical user interface output. To see the BIOS information, click the Windows tab, click Copy, and then paste the output into Notepad or into another text editor.
3. Check BIOS SLIC table.( It  should be "no SLIC table"  for KMS activation )

4. If it is with SLIC table or invalid SLIC table, please update latest BIOS and verify again.

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