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General FAQ

Do ECS mainboards support BIOS Recovery function?

Currently all the 8 series of ECS mainboards support "BIOS Recovery" function. Please refer to below steps to recover your system BIOS on 8-series models if they fail to boot up.

1.  Download the latest BIOS from ECS website for your 8-series mainboard.
2.  Change BIOS file name into "EBOOT.ROM".
3.  Copy that "EBOOT.ROM" into the root directory of a bootable USB flash drive as following screenshot.
4.  Plug that USB flash drive into the failing 8 series board & boot it up.
5.  System will execute "BIOS Recovery" automatically like below screenshot.
6.  Once it's done, system will restart & you should see the POST display.

Note: if the Boot Block of your system BIOS is corrupted, then "BIOS Recovey" can't be run to recover your BIOS.