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General FAQ

What is the feature of ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) on AMD platform ?

Advanced Clock Calibration is a performance accelerating feature. This feature is available with the AMD 790GX platform and can enable a greater performance tuning margin for the AMD Phenom™ Black Edition CPUs. The optimal gain can be seen in configurations that use high-end CPU cooling solution in combination with elevated CPU core voltage (CPU VID) value.With standard overclocking 2.5 GHz CPUs can go up to 3.0GHz limit. However, with the Advanced Clock Calibration feature overclocking of the processor can be extended to 3.2 GHz and beyond. The value of Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) can be adjusted either via AMD OverDrive Windows utility or through the System BIOS menu. Three options are available when the feature is enabled: “AUTO”, “All Cores” or “Per Core”. The optimal value for typical Overclocked scenario is normally +2% for Phenom 9850/9950Black Edition and +4% for the Phenom 9600Black Edition CPU. The optimal value can vary depending on system configuration, voltage level and cooling solution.

AMD OverDrive Utility download URL :
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