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General FAQ

My M/B could not power on or after power on there is no display. What shall I do?

System boot failures may be caused by a variety of different factors. Below are a number of issues that may cause system boot failures, and suggestions that may help resolve them.
1. Make sure the clear CMOS jumper is set as "normal".
2, Make sure you are connecting the CPU cooling fan into CPUFAN connector not PWRFAN, if you connect wrong, your system may shut down immediately or 4 sec delay after you hit power on button.
3, Make sure the power cables inside the computer are attached correctly and secure. BOTH the ATX1 (20 pin or 24 pin) and ATX12V (4 pin) connectors.
4, Make sure the power supply has the capacity to power all the devices used in the system. Inadequate power to the components can cause the entire system to lock up at worst, or just cause certain components to malfunction. A power supply does not have to be dead to be faulty.
5, Make sure power supply voltage selector 110V/220V is correct. And make sure power supply rear switch is ON (Some power supplies have rear 0/1 switch) and AC outlet is ON. Caution : Input 220V power source to a 110V power supply will damge devices/components.
6, Ensure that the CPU is good. Try a known good CPU is possible. You can also try the CPU in question in another system. Also ensure that the CPU heatsink is secure and has thermal compound between it and the CPU.
7, Some monitors may not pick up a signal immediately, please try and turn OFF/ON your monitor again if you have an amber light only.
8, Use one memory at a time if you have more then one or try using different brand or type of memory and reseat (reinstall) again into Memory slot 1. Ensure your memory is non-ECC and unbuffered.
9, Try a different video card. A known good one if possible.
If after this you get your motherboard to POST go ahead and install other components.