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General FAQ

Wake on LAN(WOL) from system off with EuP support?

For power saving concern MB designed as supporting EuP feature, wake on LAN(WOL) from system off state may not be available in default setting. If you would like to check the function, wake on LAN(WOL) from S5 ( system off state), please check below setting.

- In BIOS, “EuP Support” item has to set to disabled. Default is enabled. For wake on LAN(WOL), “Resume By PCI/PCI-E/Lan PME” has to set to “Enabled”.

- If EuP design by hardware jumper like MCP61M-M3 V7.1, need to short jumper 2-3 pin to disable EuP.

- EuP logo

FAQ for Wake on LAN setting