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General FAQ

The USB-ports in the system manager are with a yellow exclamation mark. What’s wrong with it?

The main reasons for USB-port with a yellow exclamation mark in your Device Manager are because you have a USB device that is not working correctly or device driver is not installed correctly. Please try the following suggestions. 

1. Faulty USB device may cause USB device to be displayed yellow exclamation mark in your Device Manager,
     you may have to remove the USB device that plugged in your system and plug to other system to check if it 
     work well.
2. Check if this USB device needs more extra power to drive.
3. Right click the USB yellow exclamation mark device in your Device Manager, and select remove it from your 
    system, then reboot the system to let Windows OS to refind and install working driver.
4. Re-install Windows OS, then install drivers for motherboard.