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General FAQ

What are the steps to setup wake on LAN(WOL) feature from BIOS to Windows 7?

Please follow the below guide to set up WOL function.
1. Please refer to here to disable EuP feature if the motherboard supports it.
2. To enable WOL in BIOS, please access "Power Managenet Setup" in BIOS setup menu to set "Resume By PCI/PCI-E/Lan PME" [Enabled], Save & Exit CMOS Setup.

3. To enable WOL in Windows, right-click "My Computer " icon, select Properties, then click on "Device Manager". Find your network adapters in the hardware list, right-click it and click Properties again.

4. Go to the Power Management tab and tick "Allow this device to wake the computer" item.

5. Now head to the Advanced tab, which is full of options for your network adapter. First please set the value of "Enable PME" to "Enabled", second please set the value of "Wake on Magic Packet" to "Enabled", then click "OK" and everthing should be set.

6. You can use Magic Packet to wake up your system from a subnet different system.

*Please note that above Lan setting under Windows 7 and Intel LAN Chip for example.