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Product Name Model Version FAQ Type Last Update
A900  V2.1  General FAQ

Question Title
Could you let me know what the response time is for the LCD panel on A901?

A900/A901 has 4 kinds of LCD panel, namely Hyundai, AU, QDI and Chi-Mei (this is also the case with the A928). If you don't know what type of panel is on your machine, we could look up our BOM records and find out, if you can supply us the shipment number.Another way to find out is if you disassemble the LCD Panel and find the bar code to recognize the brand of LCD. But that's inconvenient. The response times are as follows:
AU B141XN03 Tr=20ms, Td=30ms (Typ.)
Hyundai 14X13-102 Tr=40ms, Td=50ms (Max.)
QDI 141X1LH03 Tr= 15ms, Td=30ms. (Typ.)
Chi-Mei N141X4 Tr=15ms, Td=35ms (Typ.)